Make your gut work for you, not against you!

  • Do you feel tired and sluggish even though you’ve had a full night’s rest?  
  • Often feel fatigued and wish you had more energy?  
  • Do you often struggle with an upset stomach? 
  • Have difficulty digesting specific foods and experience pain or bloating after meals? 
  • Experiencing frequent joint pain or headaches, that lead you to take over the counter pain medications on a regular basis?  
  • Are you struggling with depression or anxiety? Feeling overwhelmed by stress in your life? 

These are all symptoms of an unhealthy gut

The 20Lighter 7 Day Healthy Gut Jumpstart Program pulls back the curtain to reveal the surprising ways in which gut health impacts our whole body— from metabolism, to mood, to skin, immunity and more.  

This is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle overhaul—one that will not only alleviate your symptoms, but address the root of the problem! 

The best part? Our program offers a step-by-step 7 Day plan with strategies to uncover what’s affecting your body, and how to begin making changes that build your best gut health. You won’t be slowed down anymore by pain or fatigue— you’ll have an improved metabolism, feel more rested, and be able to accomplish your goals whether that's keeping up with your children, conquering your professional life, or feeling your absolute best. 

D.E.F.I.N.E. Your Best Gut Health

Discover the role a healthy gut plays in feeling your best everyday.

Examine your lifestyle for triggers, and habits that contribute to poor gut health.

Form a plan with steps that are easy to accomplish.

Improve your diet to reduce harmful bacteria and help the good bacteria rebound.

Nurture changes you are making as they become longterm habits.

Enhance your life with the benefits of a healthy gut.

The 20Lighter Healthy Gut Jumpstart Includes

  • An intensive review of what 'gut health' really is, why it is important, and how its complex functions affect your entire body.
  • The surprising foods that trigger an unhealthy gut, and how to avoid them. 
  • A comprehensive pantry audit, telling you which foods should stay and which ones have to go!
  • Tips and strategies to get organized and make a plan with actionable steps assess your lifestyle and habits. 
  • Easy ways to incorporate key foods that promote a healthy gut. 
  • A recipe book with appetizing gut friendly meals and snacks to help improve your diet. 
  • Easy to understand explanation of how toxins in your home hurt your gut (and other systems!), and 10 easy ways to minimize your risk. 
  • The role supplements and exercise have in nurturing a recovering gut.  
  • Access to an exclusive online community that encourages your success. 
  • Resources for continued success after the program ends to help you enhance your good gut health! 

See what our clients say.

Feedback from clients on their programs...

"I was shocked at how little I really knew about my gut. The program helped me understand why an unhealthy gut can have such a big impact and how to start fixing it."

-Robin C., Alpharetta GA.

"I learned so much! One week and I already feel better."

-Kevin V., San Jose CA.

"Super excited to report the bloating I used to have after almost ever meal has resolved!!"

-Donna G., Denver CO.

For years 20Lighter clients have asked us why gut health matters and what they can do ensure their gut is in tip-top shape. Our one week program is designed to give you better awareness about why gut health matters and actionable steps to make sure your gut is at its best.”  

Dr. Gerry Dembrowski Dr. Jess Barnes 20Lighter Program Co-founders